Benefits of biomethane: 120 gas buses save approximately 8,000 tonnes of carbon and £1.5m in cash a year

What you save - financial

As we keep saying a station with 120 gas buses saves 70%, the equivalent of £1.5m a year. What’s more, this can be a real cash flow saving. By leasing the vehicles and the station itself, you can be saving money on Day 1 with no cash outflows.

What you save - carbon

Some carbon reporting schemes count biomethane as having zero emissions. Using the DfT’s more conservative approach, the carbon intensity of our biomethane is typically around 15g of CO2 per MJ as compared to 90.4g CO2/MJ for diesel. Therefore, a reduction of 83%. For a station of 120 vehicles, annual carbon savings are typically around 8,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Download report 

Other benefits of biomethane

  • because gas is so much cleaner than diesel – reduced emissions and particulates
  • smoother, quieter buses
  • maintenance savings, reliability improvements
  • good driver feedback
  • good passenger feedback

Proven Technology & Reliability

There are currently more than 22 million gas vehicles operating in the World. Across Europe are about 2 million trucks, buses and vans in service.

Biomethane trucks and particularly buses have been operating successfully in the UK since 2012. Most of the major bus operators now have at least one gas bus depot. They include the operators First Bus, Stagecoach, Arriva and Go-Ahead.

There are currently 365 buses operating day in day out across 8 depots. From the day they were installed those gas filling stations have operated with a 99.99% overall uptime. And what’s more the bus operators are reporting substantial reliability improvements and maintenance cost savings.

Decarbonise Your Fuel Now

The Government has put in place schemes which mean that using renewable LNG or CNG is now between 40% and 70% cheaper than diesel.

We desperately need to reduce our carbon emissions right now, not when cheap green hydrogen is available in 10 years’ time, we just can’t wait. It’s not ok.

With 22m gas vehicles operating already, CNG and LNG have been proven to be absolutely reliable, indeed many would say that being so much cleaner, gas is far more reliable than diesel as a vehicle fuel.

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