Switch to CNG or LNG - reduce CO2 and costs - Decarbonise Fuel Limited supplies the Fuel

Switching to renewable fuel not only reduces carbon but also saves money through the Government's RTFO and other schemes.

For both CNG and LNG, Biomethane saves between 40% – 70% of fuel costs as compared to diesel, today.

Biomethane Saving Over Diesel Per km

Buses 70%
RCVs 45%
Trucks 40%
Vans 40%

Recently, City Councils and corporates increasingly aim to provide a more sustainable way of travel and transportation. The technology of biomethane as an alternative fuel is reliable. Consequently, public access and private biomethane filling stations, both CNG and LNG, are progressively being installed across the UK.

Currently, 365 buses are operating day in day out across 8 depots in the UK. From the day of installation, the gas filling stations have run with a 99.99% overall uptime. More importantly, the bus operators are reporting substantial reliability improvements as well as maintenance cost savings.

People should have values, so by extension, a company should. And one of the things you do is give back. So how do you give back? We give back through our work in the environment, in running the company on renewable energy. We give back in job creation. Tim Cook, Apple

Biomethane Supply

  • Decarbonise Fuel Limited sources and supplies the best biomethane.
  • We equally balance cost and carbon footprint.
  • Our team works to get the biomethane approved for use under the RTFO scheme.
  • We, Decarbonise Fuel Limited claim and sell the RTFCs.
  • Altogether, we structure the supply to manage the risk of price movement depending on the customer’s requirements.

Biomethane Stations, CNG or LNG

  • Our Team works with the best designers, suppliers and maintenance partners.
  • As a result, we, Decarbonise Fuel Limited provide reliable stations on a sale or lease basis.
  • We provide temporary stations or other short-term filling facilities if required.
  • The right equipment will depend on the parameters of the site. For instance, we consider utilities, space available and noise restrictions. For more information FAQ

Our Work

Decarbonise Fuel Limited is familiar with the relentless pressure on transport margins. Consequently, we understand that for decarbonisation to take place, renewable fuels have to be cheaper than fossil. Decarbonise Fuel achieves this by sourcing the best biomethane for the specific application to maximise the financial and carbon savings. Decarbonise Fuel Limited is registered with the DfT for the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) scheme. Hence, we can generate a saving which we can pass through to the transport operator in the gas price. You save 50% on your fuel costs and deliver an 80% reduction in carbon emissions.

In addition to supplying the biomethane fuel, Decarbonise Fuel Limited works with strategic partners to deliver a complete turn-key solution. This includes designing, financing and installing fuel station on your site, meeting your needs. Our stations are all ‘fast-fill’, refuelling in less time than diesel. 

You can lease Decarbonise Fuel’s stations, finance within the gas price or purchase. Our solutions are flexible. If you add more vehicles or move locations, we can modify, enhance or relocate. Our stations and gas supply continue to achieve 100% uptime.

Decarbonise Fuel Limited is a member of the Renewable Transport Fuel Association.

renewable transport fuel association

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